Thursday, April 2, 2015

Journal April 2, 2015 - Way too many plants.

This year I bought seeds for Mortgage lifter tomatoes, as I had wanted to try them for some time. Looking through my seed collection I had seeds going back to 2009 for Arbason, Cobra, Beefsteak Super Hybrid, Early & Often and Tropic. I decided to do a germination test and to my surprise most seeds germinated. Not being one to kill seedlings, I planted most of what came up. Now, I have three trays like the photo below, with more in process. We only need about a dozen plants, so I am going to have find homes for my excess plants; like a jehovah's witness I will have to go door to door giving away plants.
The weather forecast for today was partly cloudy and cool, but it turned out sunny with the temperature in the mid to high sixties.  That kind of mistake I can certainly deal with, as the temperature in the greenhouse was in the eighties, with the vents and door open.  Ideal tomato conditions!

So far, the quick draining soil I prepared is working perfectly, the plants are really responding nicely.  The top of the container dries quickly in the sun and it is tempting to water the plants from the top, however, I have to resist the urge to do so and water from the bottom to prevent damping off.  

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