Saturday, April 11, 2015

Journal April 11, 2015 - The end of the olives dormant period

Finally, today I moved some of the olives back into the greenhouse for the season, regaining my space in the basement.  Although these plants survived the winter with a reduced light level and photoperiod, they are showing signs of stress: lighter colored leaves and getting leggy.

The temperature tonight is expected to be about 30 degrees F, so I will turn the heat on to bring it up to about 50 degrees F.  The tomatoes have been brought in for the evening, but the annuals will remain in the greenhouse, unless it gets really cold, well below freezing.

The camera was also reinstalled in the greenhouse today so that I can monitor the plants.  Considering what this unit cost, it has performed very well since I have had it.  It was a real pain to set up, but it has worked like a charm without any problems once I got it working.

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