Thursday, April 16, 2015

Journal April 16, 2015 - Greenhouse is overflowing

The indoor greenhouse with the large LED multi-spectrum grow light was closed for the season today.  The six large olive trees that over wintered in the tent were lightly pruned and placed outdoors.  They will spend the summer on the deck, but as it is supposed to rain tonight they were placed in the greenhouse overnight.

This time of year the greenhouse is filled to capacity, and then some.  The tomatoes have been planted, but the garden plants need to be protected for another month.  Sometime during that period the cucumbers will need room, as will the pepper plants.  There are six more large olive trees in a tent indoors that will have to be moved outdoors soon also, so space is at a premium.

The small pots use up water quickly in the greenhouse when the sun is shining, so it is a never ending battle to prevent them from drying.  To tell the truth, I could never do this if I was not retired.

Life will be much easier next month, when the garden is in and the automatic watering system is operational. 

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