Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Journal January 16, 2019 - Just killing time till spring.

 The above photo is of Spicy Greek Basil being grown hydroponically in a mason jar that was painted gray to inhibit algae.  This is a no brainer method of growing,  as it requires hardly any maintenance, and, have you priced basil in the market during winter?

The jar,  a standard 4" net pot filled with perlite topped with a quarter inch of coir sprinkled with activated charcoal and you have a nifty little hydroponic garden,  Oh, I forgot to mention a short strip of felt to act as a wick.  Add the seed and fill the jar with water and a dilute solution of water and any good soluble fertilizer and you are good to go.

Forcing bulbs is also a way to add a little color and fragrance to the house during winter.  Several types of bulbs can easily be forced into bloom with again no maintenance.

I have always had a passion for photographing wildlife.  It has the same thrill as hunting, but without the blood, gore and recrimination of killing a living creature.  The photo above is of female Downy Woodpecker.
When the weather is really lousy there is always table-top photography to pass the time.  The above photo I have named R2D2 meets H2O. 

Oh, the joy of being retired!

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Journal January 6, 2019 - Just for fun

Just because it is winter it does not mean you have to discontinue gardening, you can always find something to grow, and somehow to grow, in the great indoors.  As for myself, I am growing zinnias, carnation and a hyacinth bulb.

The carnation is Miss Aroma and it is very fragrant, but just my luck the seed I planted produced a white flower and I would have liked some color.

The zinnia is Thumbelina but unfortunately it as no aroma.

The hyacinth does have a nice aroma and it is going to be pink.

All are being grown hydroponically one way or the other.