Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Journal January 16, 2019 - Just killing time till spring.

 The above photo is of Spicy Greek Basil being grown hydroponically in a mason jar that was painted gray to inhibit algae.  This is a no brainer method of growing,  as it requires hardly any maintenance, and, have you priced basil in the market during winter?

The jar,  a standard 4" net pot filled with perlite topped with a quarter inch of coir sprinkled with activated charcoal and you have a nifty little hydroponic garden,  Oh, I forgot to mention a short strip of felt to act as a wick.  Add the seed and fill the jar with water and a dilute solution of water and any good soluble fertilizer and you are good to go.

Forcing bulbs is also a way to add a little color and fragrance to the house during winter.  Several types of bulbs can easily be forced into bloom with again no maintenance.

I have always had a passion for photographing wildlife.  It has the same thrill as hunting, but without the blood, gore and recrimination of killing a living creature.  The photo above is of female Downy Woodpecker.
When the weather is really lousy there is always table-top photography to pass the time.  The above photo I have named R2D2 meets H2O. 

Oh, the joy of being retired!

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