Monday, April 13, 2015

Journal April 13, 2015 - Planning on early tomatoes

Our temperature hit 74 degrees F today and the forecast is for the warmer temperatures to continue into the end of the week, so I decided to take a chance and open the greenhouse early this year.  Planting outdoors in our area is still a month or more away, so perhaps I will have a super early crop of tomatoes.  

Today I mixed soil and planted two plants in their self watering systems, one is a Burpee's Super Beefsteak hybrid, while the other is a Mortgage Lifter.  Taking it slowly, I plan on potting a few plants each day until all the systems are operational.  

Next week I will have to think about starting seeds for the greenhouse cucumbers.  This season I plan on growing a variety called: Mathilde, which is described as follows:

Extra early parthenocarpic hybrid is not dependent on insect pollination. Dark green, spiny fruits are non-bitter and good fresh or pickled. For best taste pick when young. Great disease tolerance!

My Bougainville plant flowered on the first of January, a few weeks later the plant dropped most of its leaves and went dormant.  I left the plant in the indoor greenhouse with the olives and to my amazement, here, four months later, the darn thing is flowering again.  I guess I have a lot to learn about Bougainvilleas. 

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