Thursday, August 8, 2013

Journal August 8, 2013

The tropical seedlings were potted in self watering containers today and the cuttings were replanted in a different media.

The tropical plants in the containers were started from seed 59 days ago.  The center plant is Caesalpinia pulcherrima - Red Bird of Paradise and the two on either end are Majidea Zangueberica - Black Pearl Tree - Mgambo Tree.

Above is a closer view of the Majidea Zangueberica, which is native to East Africa.  It is kind of nice when your tropical plant looks like a tropical plant.

Last night I read online the procedure an olive farm uses to propagate olive cuttings.  The media they are using is 80% perlite and 20% peat moss, so today I transferred my latest batch of cuttings into this mixture also.  Of course the olive farm has an automatic misting system in their greenhouse, which mists the cuttings for 8 seconds every 8 minutes.  I am just going to have to rely on misting the inside of the dome periodically and hope for the best.

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