Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Journal August 20, 2013

Continuing my quest for unusual tropical plants  Ecbolium Viride has been added to my collection.  This plant has a most unusual flower of aquamarine, which is rare in the plant kingdom.  

This small shade loving greenhouse plant is native to India and Malaya, where is it used for medicinal purposes to treat: jaundice, menorrhagia, rheumatism and tumors.

The seeds were only started on August 8, 2013;  they are now in the domed tray under the LED grow light where they are really thriving.

Out of curiosity I checked for root development on one of the olive cuttings today.  I  was astounded to find adventitious roots forming on one of the cuttings taken  two weeks ago.

Apparently, the combination of 80/20 agricultural perlite/peat, along with the heat mat, spraying the inside of the dome and the nutrients I conjured up are working.

Time will tell......

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