Sunday, August 11, 2013

Journal August 11, 2013

After a few day's experience of having the domed trays in the greenhouse I decided to move them indoors.  Conditions in the greenhouse were just too variable to deal with.  When the sun was out the temperature in the trays would be over a hundred degrees, even with shade covering in place.

It was the constant battle to control the temperature and provide diffuse light for the cuttings which finally made me see the light, literally.  Actually, the conditions I can provide indoors are superior, and much more consistent than I could ever achieve in the greenhouse.

 Checking the temperature and humidity in the trays after they were indoors for about twelve hours the humidity was 99% and the temperature was 77 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The red/blue/white 90 watt LED adds absolutely no additional heat to the tray, while providing ideal lighting for cuttings to root.

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