Wednesday, March 4, 2009

This week's crop

Actually we picked three batches of lettuce like this in the last two weeks. My wife and I have a salad almost everyday, so every few days I start three or four rockwool cubes with lettuce.

Somehow I accidentally managed to dislodge the pump in my modified AeroGarden. Most likely while moving it from under the lights to check on the progress of the basil, I jarred the feed line to the pods loose. As a result, the plants did not receive any moisture at all for a few days. and I lost them. The feed line did not fit snug into the pump, so I added a few turns of electrical tape, and now it is a very snug fit into the pump. Hopefully that will prevent a recurrence of that problem.

As I had our original AeroGarden planted with basil, I decided to change the scope of this project and try to grow a micro-green lettuce variety to completion under the low power LED. My version has been replanted with Rossa A Foglia Riccia Da Taglio, the name itself is a mouthful..

And, regarding the original AeroGarden; it is growing my seeds, not something purchased from them for twenty dollars. I must admit that is it well suited for growing small batches of herbs, but the cost of replacing the lights every six months still irks me. I have a strong feeling that it will soon be back in storage.

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