Sunday, March 1, 2009


This is another heirloom variety from Baker Creek seeds. They describe it as:

Lovely, bright-green, leafy heads that are very ruffled with good resistance to bolting. Tender leaves are first rate in salads; an extra-fine Italian variety.

I found it very easy to grow, and it tastes tender and delicious. We enjoy it most with just a little lemon juice and a bit of salt. It really is so good it needs nothing else. It is a definite "do again", and most likely again and again.

Somehow I have accumulated quite a few varieties from Italy in my seed collection, and in the next few weeks I will feature them also. The variety of plants that I can grow hydroponically is part of what makes this hobby so rewarding.

As an addition to my blog I have added a plant search option that links to the database on Dave's Garden. The search feature is on the right side of the blog so feel free to use it.

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