Saturday, March 28, 2009

Autopots planted

My tomato seedlings were beginning to outgrow the starter pots, and I was thinking of repotting them into larger pots.

Then I changed my mind and decided to plant them directly into the Autopots. As the temperature at night is still too cold to leave them in the greenhouse, I will have to move them into the basement at sundown. It will be more of a chore, as I can only carry two at a time when moving them.

Also, I did not connect the Autopot smart valves, as I intend to top water the plants until I can leave them permanently in the greenhouse.

Where to best place plants within the greenhouse for optimum light and space utilization takes some planning. The tomatoes and eggplant, being sun hogs, will occupy the south wall. The peppers will be on the shelves on the east end, and the cucumbers will occupy the north wall. By the time I plant the cucumbers the sun will be high enough to be over the tops of the tomatoes, and the cucumbers being climbers will find the sun on their own. Here, there, and everywhere else, will be flowers, or whatever else I can fit in. Well, that is my plan anyway. Time will tell...

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