Monday, February 4, 2013

Journal February 4, 2013

Today I made a few improvements to my cloning setup, and if the clones are successful I will probably do something more permanent using the same principals.

The plastic collars were replaced by neoprene clone collars, which really hold the cuttings firmly in place; as well as prevent the media from drying out and algae from forming on the media.  Additionally, I added a grid to the bottom of the container for drainage, and I added carbon enhancement via a home built CO2 generator using sugar and yeast.  The openings on the sides of the net pots will allow me to see the media, so I can determine if roots are indeed beginning to grow.  

Consulting one of my books on the subject of cloning I found that: "while rooting, cuttings require a minimum of nitrogen and increased levels of phosphorus to promote root growth."  The same holds true for germinating seeds.  A new solution has been prepared according to the book's instructions and I will use that to water the cuttings and seeds and also for a weekly foliar feeding. And, the book also recommends a 24 hour light cycle to maintain the cuttings in a vegetative state.

 So far the cuttings are looking good, and remain turgid, green and healthy, but time will tell...

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