Saturday, February 16, 2013

Journal February 16, 2013

Two pots of annuals, in this case zinnias and calendulas, were planted in system 4 today, along with a dozen seedlings of grand rapids lettuce.

This should have been a common practice all winter, but without Ava here to remind me I completely forgot about growing flowers along with the lettuce.

The grand rapids seedlings are a mixed batch, some being OK, and some being substandard.  The seeds are dated 2009, so I guess it is time to toss them and purchase new seeds.

I think going forward I will purchase a few varieties of lettuce each spring, when the seed is fresh,  staying with those varieties until the following spring.  There are probably close to a hundred varieties of lettuce seed in my freezer presently, some of which are five years old.  It is a case of growing a few of each variety, and moving on to another, and another, and another variety, which was a waste of seed

The LED grow light for system 4 is selectable, with the choices being: vegetative, flowering, or both.  I always opt for both, as I like a lot of light during all stages of growth.

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