Saturday, January 7, 2012

January 7, 2012 journal

Ava is picking our flowers, and presenting them to her mom and grandmother, just as quickly as they open. And, that is fine with me, as there is no sense in keeping them in the grow chamber where they can't be seen and enjoyed.

At this time I am growing several varieties of lettuce to evaluate how they grow, hydroponically, under my specific conditions. I have found that, in addition to being difficult to start, Australian yellow leaf lettuce has a wicked tendency toward tip burn. On the other hand, I have found a variety called Two Star, that is really doing quite well without a sign of tip burn.

The Fordhook giant chard, show in the lower photo, appears that it may turn out to be the very best batch of chard I have every grown, and, I have grown some great chard in the past. These plants are only four weeks from the date that I started the seeds, and they are the most compact chard seedlings I have ever grown, including in the greenhouse.

The Little Leaf cucumbers growning under the red/blue/white LEDs are finally producing female flowers. The EC has been adjusted to 2.4 with a pH of 5.8.

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