Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Scaled down project

Years ago when I worked in manufacturing we would do what is known as pilot projects. When developing a new product or equipment; rather than build or produce a full scale version we would build and test small scale versions first. That is what the photo above represents: a pilot project.

For whatever reason I have difficulty growing eggplant. I have grown enormous plants, but alas, no fruit would form or mature. I tried any number of ways to pollinate the flowers without success, so I sort of gave up on eggplant, kind of.

Also a few years ago there was a craze for miniature vegetables, and I must have ordered seeds for miniature plants, but I simply don't remember doing so. While going through my seeds I found packets for miniature peppers and eggplant, which gave me the idea for this project.

I planted one miniature eggplant seed on May 7, 2011, exactly one month ago, knowing that it was really late in the season to be starting eggplant seeds. My plan is to grow this plant in the greenhouse and experiment with nutrient levels, and if necessary move the plant inside in the fall.

Another reason for growing this plant is that my granddaughter, Ava, will love being involved in growing a tiny vegetable. The plant itself is supposed to be small, with three or four inch eggplant, if I can get it to produce any. And, if nothing else, eggplant flowers are kind of attractive.

As usual, time will tell...

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