Sunday, June 5, 2011

Bughatti and Galactic lettuce.

The red/blue/white LED that I was using for seed starting for the greenhouse has been sitting idle for quite sometime, so I decided to put it into service.

All of my ebb and flow systems are in use, and I decided to go with one of my modified aeroponic systems. I placed six lettuce plants, three each of bughatti and galactic, into the system two weeks ago.

I rarely check the system, as it operates pretty much automatically, so I was impressed when I drained it for the first time and saw the growth of the plants.

I am running a twelve hour photoperiod with the the TDS averaging 550 and a feed cycle of one hour on four hours off.

It has been my experience that active systems such as this are much more productive than passive systems like DWC and wick systems.

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