Monday, May 25, 2009

Giant Marconi Peppers, a case of mistaken identity.

Yesterday while changing the nutrients in the drip ring systems I was struck by the big difference in appearance in the peppers. I have come to the conclusion that somewhere along the way I misidentified the seedlings, and what I have been posting as photos of the Giant Marconi peppers, was actually corno di toro peppers.

The peppers have similar characteristics, however, as the name suggests, the corno di toro pepper is shaped like a bull's horn, and is more pointed at the tip.

The photo above is actually the Giant Marconi, and it lives up to its name. I measured one of the peppers from shoulder to tip, and it is almost nine inches long. It is larger in circumference and more blunt at the tip than the corno di toro pepper.

Additionally, the plant itself is more squat and bushy, while the corno di toro pepper is taller and more narrow.

Both peppers are supposed to be excellent for frying, roasting, or salads, so I expect that once they are picked and prepared there will be little difference in taste.

I must have had a "senior moment" back on February 14h. when I planted the seeds and labeled the cubes.

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