Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Journal March 14, 2018 - Phalaenopsis. an exceptional bargain.

One of the topics the speaker mentioned at the last meeting of the orchid society was the mass production of orchids today. For instance, Phalaenopsis, what were once prize-winning varieties a decade ago are now readily available at supermarkets at very reasonable prices. 

He said that they are being grown by the millions in the far east and imported by the shipload.  Plants are distributed nationwide from distribution centers to supermarkets and big box stores throughout the country.

The Phalaenopsis above was purchased about a year ago from Trader Joe's for under five dollars and has bloomed almost continuously since I purchased it.

They are now so inexpensive that one person on the gardening forum wrote that he throws them away after the flowers fall off and buys another.  To me, that is excessive and a total waste.

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