Thursday, October 1, 2015

Journal October 1, 2015 - Another tropical

On one of the gardening forums that I belong to a woman posted photos of a beautiful pineapple that she had grown in her greenhouse.  She also posted that she has been growing them successfully for several years.

When I posted that I thought it was a great idea and wanted try one, she replied that it would take patience, which I have in abundance.  

That said, to speed up the process I looked on eBay for pineapples and ordered one for $5.99.  I expected a tiny plant, however, I was shocked by the size of the plant when I opened the box today.

Still, I plan on starting my own plant from a store purchased pineapple within the next few days.

For a scale reference, the black pots next to the pineapple are three gallon nursery pots.

Even with the cooler temperatures the soil garden is still producing.  Today I picked these green beans, a few peppers and two eggplant.  The beans are still flowering, so I think they will be producing until the first frost takes them out.  The single eggplant has at least six or seven more good sized fruit on it.  It is hard to believe how many eggplant we picked from that single plant this season.   The tomatoes still have some green tomatoes, a few of which are starting to ripen.

The beans are in the raised beds, which have really been productive.  This is their second crop this season, as we used them for garlic, onions and cucumbers earlier in the season.  When the beans are finished, I will replant them again with garlic bulbs.  Ya gotta love it!

Yesterday we received a tremendous amount of rain in just the matter of a few hours.  Locally, several streets were under water, with people stranded in their cars.  As the olives were still outdoors on the deck, they really got soaked by all the rain.  As more rain is forecast during the coming week, I moved the olives into the greenhouse to keep them from drowning.  Hopefully,  I will be able to move them back outdoors to get their 400 hours chill.  

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