Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Journal July, 8, 2015 - Cucumber bonanza

The Matilde cucumbers just keep coming,  it seems there is just no stopping them.  Tomorrow I will pick another batch to make more pickles.

The plants have grown up one side of the greenhouse, up to the peak, and down the other side and have begun to infiltrate the tomato plants.  The tomatoes, on the other hand, are fighting back, as they also have fruit hanging above my head also.

The one drawback of the Matilde is the number of male flowers.  I have never grown a variety that has produced so many male flowers.  The spent flowers are all over everything, hundreds of them are laying everywhere.  It has been necessary to use a shop vac to pick them up so that they don't begin to rot and draw bugs.

The potted ginger is really growing now, to the point that I am going to place it on the deck with the olive trees for the remainder of the season.  I am not sure what, if any, insects attack ginger, but I will have to watch the plant closely.

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