Friday, December 26, 2014

Journal December 26, 2014 - Thinking Spring

With the winter solstice having passed,  I am beginning to add time to the lighting cycle of the plants in the indoor greenhouses.   One half hour has been added to the photoperiod, and the spectrum of the lighting has been altered to include both vegetative and floweringMy plan is to add a half hour every two weeks, until the photoperiod is sixteen hours. 

Additionally, watering and feeding will gradually be returned what I use during the growing season.  At this point, I can see no indication that any of the plants are going to flower, however, I would be pleasantly surprised if a few did flower.  Last year, the Koroneiki, Arbosana and Arbequina trees produced a few flowers, so there is a slight possibility of seeing some flowers in February or March.

 The Canina olive seed has been planted in soil, and I will keep a dome over the seedling for a few weeks until it is acclimated.  It is absolutely amazing that this seed has germinated, progressing to this stage in only twenty days!

Having gotten off to a rough start in propagating my own trees, this tree will be my fourth tree successfully propagated, with eight more still in the works.  It has been a difficult, but interesting experience. 

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