Sunday, December 14, 2014

Journal December 14, 2014 - Indoor gardening growing conditions

The beets and lettuce were harvested today, with replacement plantings already underway.  While I was harvesting the plants, I got to thinking about how predictable this process really is.  With the growing conditions: temperature, lighting and nutrients, pretty much constant, I can accurately predict the actual date the next planting will be harvested.  

Beets, as opposed to chard and lettuce, are sort of a multiple purpose crop.  We take a few leaves when the plants are young to include in a salad, the greens are boiled and served as a side dish, while the beets are roasted and served separately.

The entire lettuce crop was picked, as every lettuce variety will sooner or later begin to go to seed, so it is best to pick it before that process begins.  During its growing cycle we picked some leaves to be included in sandwiches and also had several salads with out meals.  

A few weeks ago I decided to do a viability check on some lettuce seeds that have been in cold storage for a few years, some going back to 09.  To my surprise, each of the varieties had an acceptable level of successful germination.  Not to waste the vigorous seedlings, they were planted as a mixed batch in one of the systems.  They include two types of romaine and red leaf lettuce, so they should make a good combination for a tossed salad.

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