Monday, May 5, 2014

Journal May 5, 2014,- cinco de mayo - Tosca in vitro

On the 27th of March explants were placed in culture that were taken from both the Tosca and Arbosana olive trees.  The Arbosana tree had been attempted previously, but without success.  

The above photo shows one of the Tosca explants today, less than two weeks in culture.  The small V shaped growth on the left side of the plant is a node that is now forming two distinct leaves. 

All of the explants taken on that date are showing good progress, including the Arbosana, which I had just about given up on.

For this protocol I decided to go very light on salts and hormones, using one half MS salts, one hormone and slightly more sugar. 

Reading several abstracts on olive micro-propagation I found some were propagated using salts intended  for walnuts and some for almonds.  From what I have read, a protocol that works with one variety may not work with another.  That said,  I guess I was fortunate that both varieties of olive seem to be responding to my test protocol.

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