Sunday, May 18, 2014

Journal May 18, 2014 - Multiple explants in vitro

The protocol that was designated 427 continues to amaze me, as more varietals are responding to it.  Most of the jars in the front row of the above photo contain explants from different olive varietals, and all are responding to various degrees to this protocol.

The olive varietals responding are: Tosca, Mission, Arbequina, Arbosana, Callitier and Taggiasca.   The center jar contains a Trilye seed that was removed from the drupe and germinated in protocol.   In only six weeks the seed has germinated, formed cotyledon's and has a good sized radicle heading downward. 

 Another surprise is that I have been able to use growing tips in addition to single node explants.  Both of the explants in the above photo are growing tips that have continued to grow, without missing a beat, since being removed from the donor plant.

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