Saturday, July 23, 2011

Unlimited salad bar.

We have been enduring a heat wave in the northeast with the temperature approaching one hundred degrees. Growing lettuce in this heat would be impossible, as there are no varieties that could withstand these temperatures without bolting. In my opinion, factoring in aphids, slugs, and other pests, growing lettuce outdoors is really not practical, or worth the effort.

As I write this post, the temperature outdoors is in the nineties, and the humidity is also high. In my basement, where I am growing an endless supply of greens, the temperature is a comfortable 75 degrees with the humidity at 54 percent.

I asked my wife how much the markets were charging for lettuce this time of year, considering the problems associated with growing lettuce in the summer. Her reply was that she does not even bother to look anymore, as it has been so long since she has had to buy any.

Considering the little effort involved in growing hydroponically indoors, we feel that the results are well worth the effort.

In the winter, the folks on the gardening forums are writing that they just can't wait until spring to get back to their gardens, however, they fail to consider that they could be gardening indoors 365 days a year if they wanted to.

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