Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I hope this one performs as advertised.

Today I planted another autopot with a Trust tomato plant. This plant will be receiving the general purpose nutrients using the same TDS levels as the tomato specific nutrients. As I have several of each variety, I will try the different cultivars on both types of nutrients, but I really do not expect to see much of a difference in growth or yield.

This variety was developed by DeRuiters of Holland and is a hybrid known for heavy production and exceptional taste. Sometime in July I will clone another batch of these plants, and, I will at some point save and plant the seeds just to see what the F2 generation is like. And, a comparison of the performance of this variety to the "plain Jane" Super Beefsteak should be indeed interesting.

In my part of the world April is usually a dismal month, and this year our April weather has been particularly dismal. Still, I will be adding even more plants to the greenhouse this week, but I am holding off on the cucumbers for at least another two weeks.

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