Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Amazing clone

Today while removing some lettuce for dinner I found my Calceolaria clone buried among the much larger lettuce plants.
The clone was in the back of the tray, and the lettuce had grown around it. As I could no longer see it, I had completely forgotten about it.

Not only had the little clone grown significantly, it is flowering! I find it amazing that such a small plant can not only root, but flower, in only thirty odd days.

The clone was moved and placed next to the parent plant in a tub full of lettuce seedlings. (lower right corner) And, the parent plant is still blooming, which I find equally amazing.

If that was not enough to make my day; the parent plant is producing two different color flowers: some red, some yellow.

I did manage to harvest some seeds from dried seed pods, and that was indeed a chore. When I purchased the seeds I thought they were kind of expensive, but after having grown my own I can't imagine raising these for seed commercially.

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