Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Planning ahead - continued

In less than 24 hours the seeds that I placed in the coffee filters have started to sprout. I will hold off transplanting them to the growing media until I see the cotyledon leaves begin to form. The seedlings will remain in the starting media until true leaves begin to develop, and roots are protruding from the bottom of the media. I will continue to feed them with a very dilute nutrient solution while giving them 16 hours of light daily until they are transplanted into one of my systems.

If at least sixty percent of the seeds fail to germinate, within a reasonable period of time, I would discard the seed package and purchase new seeds.

When I purchase seeds, I remove them from the package and place them in 3" x 5" zip lock bags. Any information regarding the variety is cut from the package and placed in the bag with the seeds. The zip lock bags are placed in sealed Tupper Ware type containers, by type, and stored in a freezer until a day or so before I intend to start them.

The above may not be "according to Hoyle", but it works for me. And, I should add that I have stored the Antago seeds in the above photo for at least three years.

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