Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hydro Harvest

Ava, our three year old granddaughter, is going to be spending a few days with us. In order to continue to encourage her interest in gardening I like to have a few projects that she can participate in.

Ava particularly likes mixing nutrients and planting with hydroton in net pots. That said, I harvested the plants growing under the red/blue LED shown in my November 2, 2010 post so that we can fill and replant that system tomorrow.

The top photo shows the harvested plants, and the produce is blemish free and a deep healthy green. The yield was enough to fill two storage bags, which should last us several days.

Is growing your own greens economical? You bet. Is the produce fresh and pesticide free? You bet. Is it worth the effort? You better believe it!

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