Thursday, January 17, 2008

Getting Started

One of my first mistakes was to purchase a ready made system from a Hydroponic store. Not that it does not work well, but I found that I could build my own system for practically nothing. Pretty much any container that will hold liquid can be used in some way for hydroponics. One of my favorites is a used Folger's coffee container. It does a fantastic job with a single plant. I have grown flowers, herbs, lettuce and even a tomato plant in one of these containers. It is a simple matter of using a circle cutter to cut the hole for the net pot, drilling a 1/4" hole in the cover for an air line, inserting an air stone, connecting the pump, adding the nutrients and plant, and voila you now have a perfect planter that performs as well or better than any commercial unit I have tried. The container can be painted black or left the original color, it does not seem to matter. The zinnias in the photo were started from seed on October 28th. and the photo was taken in the middle of January. I am using T5 full spectrum fluorescent lighting with a photo period of 14 hours a day with no natural light.

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