Saturday, January 19, 2008

Ebb and flow

I dropped by the local hydroponic store today and the couple in front of me were buying black plastic components for an ebb and flow system. They did not have the pump or timer and the tab for the components alone was in excess of two hundred dollars. Of all the different systems I have, the ebb and flow is among my favorites. I built several from Rubbermaid containers and was fairly satisfied with them. Always looking to improve my system, and looking for information on the web, I Googled ebb and flow systems and came across a pot grower's site. Hell, who knows more about hydroponics than pot growers? They have been at it forever. As I was not a member, I could not access the site, but, they had a list of components to build a system. Among the components was a bus tub. What the hell is a bus tub? Back to Google for another search. Ah, restaurant supply houses. Lo and behold, bus tubs! Big hefty black tubs with covers. I immediately ordered two tubs and a cover. The total cost for the components and shipping was about twenty dollars, and most of that was for shipping. Twenty minutes after UPS dropped off the box I had a very nice ebb and flow system that fit perfectly under my compact fluorescent light. The total cost for the entire system was less than thirty five dollars. After a week or so I made another modification to the system by drilling a 1/4" hole just under the lip on the front and inserting a length of black tubing that goes to the bottom of the reservoir. By attaching a turkey baster to the tube, I can withdraw enough solution to take my TDS and pH readings without disturbing the container at all. I kind of feel sorry for the couple in the hydro store...

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