Sunday, December 9, 2018

Journal December 9, 2018 - Great Plugin

I would like to digress from gardening to do a post about something I found and would like to share with fellow photographers.

Recently I read something about a plugin called the Nik Collection being available for free some time ago.  I like free, so I thought I would like to try the free version and searched for it online.   It did not take long to find a site that still allowed users to download the free version.  There is a new version, but not being a professional I was happy to get the free version even though it does not have all the new bells and whistles.

The plugin was used to modify a mundane photo of the Martin Dunham reservoir in Grafton, New York.  I took an extreme approach and with a few clicks really modified the photo, to the point that it now looks like a painting from the Hudson River School Of Artists.

Of course, you don't have to be so radical when using the plugin, but it was interesting to try the different features to get a feel on how they work.

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