Thursday, March 9, 2017

Journal March 9, 2017 - Another orchid flask

Today I received and planted another hobby flask.  This one contained at least 25 plants and the total cost including shipping was about twenty-five dollars.  The above photo shows the flask immediately after I received it.  

The seedlings are Epidendrum magnoliae x cattleya alaorii, a cross that should prove interesting, when grown to maturity they will definitely be worth more than a dollar each. 

Once again I planted the larger plants separately and grouped the smaller plants four to a pot.  For the larger plants, I used long fiber sphagnum and for the smaller plants, I used shredded sphagnum.

As this tray will be in a cooler environment I placed a heat mat under the tray.  Also, I decided to use just the vegetative setting on the LED grow light to see if that encouraged faster growth.

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