Saturday, September 5, 2015

Jounal September 5, 2015 - One more tropical

Another fig tree arrived today, this one is a Violet De Bordeaux, which I have been told is delicious.  I must say that ficus are nice looking plants, which are supposed to be easy to grow.

Historically, they have been around since the dinosaurs, one of mankind's first cultivated plants, even before wheat and barley.  

Even in the few days I have had the plants, I can see new growth.  Usually, plants that have been deprived of light in transit for a few days take sometime to recover, not these though.

Coincidentally, the local Trader Joe's outlet had a sale on fresh Black Mission figs over the weekend.  We had never eaten fresh figs, so we purchased and tried a package.  They are really good, and are supposed to be very good for you besides.  

One shipment of large black nursery pots has arrived, so I started transferring the olive trees to larger containers.  It is turning out to be more of a chore than I expected, so I am only doing four trees a day.  After repotting the trees I am placing them in the greenhouse, as I want them to acclimate after the shock of being transplanted.  After a few days in the greenhouse, they will go back outdoors and I will tackle another four trees.  

The larger tree,  on the left side of the photo, third from the front, is a Brown Turkey fig tree.  That is the tree that was lost for a few days in the postal system.  Several of the bottom leaves had turned yellow and had to be removed, however, I can already see new growth, so I guess there was no real harm to the tree.

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