Thursday, March 5, 2015

Journal March 5, 2015 - Canino seedling

One of the Canino olive seedlings has an interesting characteristic, in that the leaves are slightly variegated.   Only one of the plants has this characteristic, so one can assume that the parent plant picked up some stray pollen from another variety.  

That is one of the reasons that I do not hesitate to grow olives from seeds;  most of the posts online concerning germinating olive seeds state that the seedling will not be true to the parent,  in some cases that can be beneficial, so you would never find an interesting variation unless you planted the seed in the first place.

The seedling in question would make an ideal candidate for bonsai.

 The Florida petite tomato project is now completed, and as I stated in previous posts I have saved some seeds.  The seeds will be fermented for several day before being cleaned, dried, and placed in cold storage.  It is hard to say why this variety is no longer available, perhaps the size of the tomatoes does not make it worthwhile to plant them.  That being the case, it is still a novelty variety good for container growing.

The soil mix that was being tested worked perfectly, so I plan on using it in the greenhouse this season.  Presently, I am germinating Mortgage Lifter tomato seeds for growing in the greenhouse this year, and plan to start additional seeds for the garden in a few weeks.

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