Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Journal June 24, 2014 - Arbequina olive in vitro

Several of the Arbequina explants are responding to the 427 protocol, however, the response has been taken considerably longer than the Tosca varietal.    This explant was placed in new clear media today, and I can just make out adventitious roots developing on the stem.

Also today I started two additional Arbequina explants in an experiment to see if I can speed up the response.  One explant is in the 427 protocol, while the other is in a protocol I will call 623.  The 623 protocol contains more nutrients and an additional rooting hormone.  This should be an interesting experiment indeed.

Two of the Tosca explants have been moved to stage 4 acclimatization.  The plants may not have been fully developed and the move may have been premature, as some of the tiny leaves appear to be dying, however the stems are a healthy green and it may resolve itself.

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