Sunday, January 26, 2014

Journal January 26, 2014 - More tests

A day or so ago I read an abstract on micro-propagating olives that stated they rooted easily in a protocol containing one half MS with vitamins and a hormone, NAA.  That got me really curious, as after all I an not so much multiplying them by the hundreds, but rooting them reliably.

On 1/24/14 I prepared a protocol with 16 ounces of distilled water, half strength MS, .5 ml NAA, .5ml PPM, 1.5 teaspoons sugar and 1.5 teaspoons agar, coloring it yellow. A Manzanillo cutting with two nodes was placed into that protocol as a test.

On 1/25/14, after reading a recipe on homemade protocols, I decided to go for broke and brew up a small batch of my own to test. To that end I used 1/2 cup distilled water, 1/2 cup coconut water, 1/2 cup of a stock solution of Expert Gardener plant food, with added Super Thrive and .5ml of Vita Grow, plus the following vitamins straight from the pharmacy: 1/4 tablet each of: Inositol, B-Complex and multi-vitamin.  That protocol was colored green and a similar Manzanillo cutting was placed in that protocol as a companion test.

It should be interesting to watch, as my homemade protocol has enough vitamins and nutrients to grow hair on a brass doorknob.

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