Saturday, December 8, 2012

Journal December 8, 2012

Ferdinand, our manzanillo olive tree, is literally bursting with new growth; this is in spite of being removed from its native California; stuffed into a box for a week and being transported clear across the country; and having its roots cleaned of soil and its top pruned drastically.   Considering Ferdinand has only been growing hydroponically for three weeks now, I think that the results are simply fantastic.

As olives can tolerate some shade, the addition of the mud men makes Ferdinand attractive enough to serve upstairs as a house plant for short periods of time.

 Today I ordered an Amfissa olive from a person in Athens, Greece.  At first I thought that the Amfissa was a rare variety, however I found that they are the most planted variety in Greece.  Most people think of the Kalamata olive when they think of Greece, but the Kalamata is not as popular in Greece as the Amfissa. 

As the Amfissa meets my criteria of being a table olive and early to bear fruit, I really don't care about its popularity.

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