Saturday, July 24, 2010

This is outredgetous!

"The red pigment in red leaf lettuce contains small amounts of fairly strong antioxidants. Eating red leaf lettuce is a delicious way to get lots of vitamins A and K, plus the anti-oxidants beta carotene and lutein." Quote courtesy

With that statement in mind I purchased seeds for the lettuce in the above photo in an organic gardening store in upstate New York. Outredegeous, what a clever name they selected for this cultivar! The following description is from the seed company:

Outredgeous Lettuce
75 days. One of the reddest romaines on the market, Outredgeous is a wonderful, stout-growing variety that can be harvested either as a baby lettuce or allowed to mature as a 10 inch romaine. The thick, glossy, slightly ruffled leaves are bright red on top and green on the underside. Serve as a head with its sweet crispy heart lightly kissed with a seasoned olive oil. If you are a market grower, this lettuce is best banded for market sales. Selected by Frank Morton, Gathering Together Farm.

Since I began growing lettuce I have tended to prefer the red varieties, so it is nice to know that they are a healthier choice.

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