Thursday, December 10, 2009

Almost harvest time

After only nineteen days in the modified aeroponic system the Slo-Bolt lettuce is at the point that I can begin harvesting the outer leaves.

The plants in the aeroponic system under the UFO LED were transplanted a few days after these plants, but they are almost as large. Both systems produce excellent results, however, the UFO LED is much more energy efficient than the compact fluorescent. I can not imagine anyone growing indoors using a 400 or 500 watt HPS system.

Even though I am not fully utilizing all of my systems, I am producing all the table greens we can use, and then some. So, I am really thinking of growing a full size tomato plant using the 4th. generation UFO LED that I just received.

Just in case I decide to proceed, I have started seeds that I found among my seed stash. They are for a determinate plant that only grows 30" tall, and produces 3" fruit. The local markets are now charging $2.49 per pound for tomatoes, and they are not all that good.

At the very least, growing a tomato will satisfy my curiosity as to how the UFO LED will perform with a flowering plant.

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