Tuesday, November 24, 2009

UFO LED in use

The first batch of lettuce was harvested today for our Thanksgiving meal, and another batch of Slo-Bolt has been started.

After cleaning the system I installed a top hat grommet and added an airstone to the reservoir. Additionally, I installed reflective metallized film around the stand. The UFO LED is suspended by adjustable hangers 12 inches above the plants, and it will be raised as the plants progress. The light intensity at plant level measures just under 4,000 foot candles at this height.

Adjacent to this unit there is a unit that is identical in all respects, with the exception of the lighting system. The lighting system for the adjacent unit is a 150 watt compact fluorescent. At plant level the foot candle reading is about 3200 foot candles. How a 90 watt LED can produce a higher light level reading than a 150 watt fluorescent beats the heck out of me.......

In any event, this should be an interesting trial.

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