Saturday, October 24, 2009

Parris Island & Silva lettuce growing indoors under lights.

Although the greenhouse is still operational I decided to begin the indoor gardening season by setting up a small system to grow lettuce.

The system in the photo above has a small pump feeding a central distribution hub with tubes leading to each cup, with the pump cycle being one hour on and two hours off.
Additionally, I am running a small air pump to an air stone 24/7.

Two types of romaine lettuce have been placed in the system, Parris Island and Silva, both of which were started from seed on 10/6/09.

The TDS is 890 with a pH of 6.5, and the photoperiod will be 14 hours. The light is a 125 watt compact fluorescent 6500K, which yields about 1500 foot candles at plant level.

Contrary to what my detractor, Doktor, wrote in his comment regarding the Sure To Grow trial; the above information is not intended to teach hydroponic gardening.

The purpose of this blog is primarily a journal for my own reference, and records what has, or has not, worked for me.

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