Monday, September 7, 2009

Dwarf tomato

A few years ago the local hydroponic dealer had an Aerogarden growing tomatoes on display, and I requested and received a few tomatoes to sample.

He gave me a few of both the red and yellow tomatoes, and I saved seed from both and planted them in our Aerogarden. As they reproduced true to the parent plant, I guess they were not a hybrid variety.

They are a true dwarf tomato, which I suppose could be grown as a house plant in a sunny location. The plants above were photographed eight weeks after the seed was started. The plant on the left is being grown in the DWC system and has a truss with a number of small tomatoes. The plant on the right was the runt of the litter, and I almost did not pot it up. As a trial it was planted in one of my homemade self watering planters, which seems to be performing nicely.

I have a small supply of seed of each color, and if anyone would like a few to experiment with I would be glad to put a few in an SASE.

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