Saturday, June 6, 2009

Bush Champion cucumbers

It seems that cucumbers seem to languish awhile after they are first planted not doing much of anything. While they appear to be languishing, they are really developing their root system getting prepared to burst into rapid growth.

My cucumbers were sending out tendrils looking for something to climb, so I thought I had better get something in place quickly. I finally thought of a way to fasten a bolt eye in the aluminum channels that support the roof panels, and that little modification allowed for a more elaborate support rather than the simple trellis I used last year.

I can't decide whether my project looks more like a section of the bridge over the river Kwai, or a jungle gym for cucumbers. In any event, the plant seems to like it, as within a matter of hours the tendrils were winding themselves happily around the bamboo canes.

Hopefully the plant will confine itself to the support, rather than climbing anything and everything within its grasp.

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