Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Journal October 8, 2013 Cimmeron lettuce

There is a nice batch of Cimmeron lettuce in the grow chamber which should be ready to begin harvesting in a few weeks.  Talk about a heirloom variety;  people have been growing this variety since at least the 1700s.  Could the reason that it has been around so long be that it tastes so good and is easy to grow?

Cimmeron is a late spring late summer variety, but that little matters, when grown indoors seasons become irrelevant. 

The supermarket wars are heating up locally, with each chain desperately trying to compete, building newer and larger stores; adding new wrinkles to get people into their stores.  One local chain is enlarging their store, adding several ethnic eateries, and, get this, planning to grow produce  in the store hydroponically.  They plan to sell the hydroponic produce in the store.

Growing lettuce is one thing, however, they also plan on growing tomatoes.  These two crops have very different requirements in terms of lighting and environmental conditions.  I wonder who they will hire locally to oversee this aspect of their operation.  It is doubtful that an ad in the help wanted section of the local papers will produce a lot of qualified candidates.  

Time will tell.......

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