Saturday, October 5, 2013

Journal October 5, 2013 Growing olives in New York

With the arrival of two more trees today my olive grove is beginning to look more like a forest.  The new trees are a Manzanillo and a Leccino from  I wanted the Manzanillo because the tree I have is doing absolutely nothing.  For the last two months it just sits there enjoying the sun and nutrients, but not putting out a single new leaf.  The Leccino meets my criteria, as it has large to medium fruit and comes into bearing early.  Also, it is pollinated by Pendolino and Arbequina, both of which I have.  

The Arbequina I received a short time ago appears to be struggling a little, with brown leaf tips and some leaf drop.  I wrote to Steve at foeverfruitless11 and sent a photo of the tree.  Steve replied today that it appears the tree has gone into shock, as that sometimes happens from shipping.  He wrote that he will ship a replacement tree, but to hold onto the tree, as it will probably come back strong.  Not many sellers on eBay treat buyers like Steve does.  

Last, but not least, I have an Arbosana tree on order, as I inadvertently over watered my small tree and it did not come back.  Small trees are really not as forgiving when it comes to over watering.   

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