Monday, October 28, 2013

Journal October 27, 2013 Coffee Arabica Plants

The tropical collection continued to grow today with the addition of three coffee arabica plants and one Kleim;s Gandharaj, Cape Jasmine.  The coffee plants are shown above in the green pots,  the Jasmine is in the beige container.

Only one coffee plant was ordered, however it is common practice for the growers to plant several plants in a pot to make them appear bushy.  In that case it is best to separate the plants as soon as they are received and plant them in individual pots to give them room to grow.  Coffee makes a great house plant, requiring little care and rewarding the grower with occasional fragrant flowers. In my case, I paid $2.99 for a pot with three plants, which I consider a bargain.

The olive trees are no longer being fertilized;  I will hold off feeding them until probably late February.  Sometime in late November, hopefully, depending on the weather, I will close the greenhouse and move the olive trees to the basement. The supplemental LED lighting will be installed in the basement, and I will time the light to coincide with the actual daylight hours.

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