Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Journal October 2, 2013 Growing Amfissa olive in a container

Another tree was added to my growing grove today, this one is an Amfissa which is shown above. At some point I am going to remove about a foot from the top, but I am going to let the tree recover from being shipped and potted.

This tree is also a beauty and was specially selected for me by Christine from the Texas Olive Ranch.  These folks are great to deal with and have some very nice trees  with very reasonable shipping charges.  If anyone is interested in trying to grow an olive in a container, Amfissa is also a good choice.  

Texas Olive Ranch has a website and they have trees that may not be listed on their website, so if you are looking for a varietal not listed just call or write them.  

Some of the dealers in better quality trees do not like to sell single trees, but the nice folks at the Texas Olive Ranch will try to accommodate you.

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