Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Journal October 29, 2013 Supplemental LED Grow Light

Recently two new LED supplemental grow lights have been added to the greenhouse.  The lights have five 3 watt LEDs, three red and two blue, for a total of 15 watts each.  Now, there are a total of five supplemental LED grow lights, which still do not add up to much over 60 watts.  

The photo above is the tip of the Amfissa olive tree I received a few weeks ago.  I find it amazing that some trees go into shock for several months after being shipped, while others simply take shipping and repotting right in stride, not missing a beat.  The Manzanilla tree I received in July is still in shock; not having grown a single new leaf, the Amfissa, on the other hand,  has grown two new branches in only a few weeks.  Go figure.

The automatic vent openers were removed today so I can have better temperature control in the greenhouse.  At this time of year I like to close the greenhouse late in the afternoon to trap as much heat as possible going into the evening.  

Some of the olive trees appear to have stopped growing, while others, like the Amfissa, are still going strong.

Click here to visit the greenhouse.  The user name and password are both guest.  It the lighting looks normal, it is daytime, if the lighting appears red, the supplemental lighting is on, either in the morning or the evening, if the lighting appears black and white, it is night and the IR lights are on.


Margaret said...

Totally enjoyed the camera view.

What LEDs are you using? Did you put it together yourself? Where did you purchase the LEDs?

THank you!

Jack said...

Mostly all of the LEDs were obtained on eBay. The small 15 watt unit mentioned in this post was under ten dollars. They are OK for supplemental lighting, however, to grow something like a tomato plant, a larger unit, like 150 watts, is necessary.